fulfilling your marketplace ministry?

Elevate your self-assurance and PROPEL YOUR BUSINESS AND CAREER to greater heights with our empowering courses.
Our courses EQUIP you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in your KINGDOM BUSINESS, whether you're starting your own venture or seeking new opportunities.
You'll learn the skills to equip you to become a proficient and accomplished professional, EMPOWERING YOU TO THRIVE in your Marketplace Ministry.

Why study with us?

The Centre of Excellence (COE) is a unique training college that combines vocational training and faith-based education in a dynamic format.

Our courses offer a blend of practical and spiritual training that are delivered through coaching-style teaching methods, empowering our students to apply their knowledge in the real world.

Our course delivery is flexible, with options for live virtual classrooms and on-demand virtual training, catering to the diverse needs and capacities of our students.

Our goal is to equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their chosen professions, business expressions and live out their faith in the marketplace.
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Kingdom business & Workplace leaders [full] COURSES

Virtual short COURSES

kingdom business groups

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Online Learning

Most weekly sessions are conducted online, so you can access wherever you can access the internet.


Ongoing Prayer Support is what sets us apart from other business schools. We believe in the power of prayer. We have a prophetic prayer team available to minister and pray for you personally, professionally and for your business.

In-Person Sessions

In some courses, there will be an option to attend In-Person sessions to enable you get to meet other like-minded business people


You will be the first to hear about any additional conferences and workshops being hosted by the HopeUC Centre of Excellence.


What PAST STUDENTS say about us

Myra Kerslake
Owner @ Verduous Gardens
I asked God to show me how he wanted us pivot the business for His kingdom and glory. My eyes are more open to things that sometimes don’t make sense.

Financial growth, I asked and believed in God to improve our income so there was no need for us to apply for Job keepers for staff (during covid) and to open our eyes to needs we could support . This has been answered over and over again!"

Glen Evans
Student KBC 2020
To all those business minded people who would like to take their partnership with God to another level, this is the course for you.

Whether you are an experienced business person or just starting out, David Balestri and a varied range of superb guest speakers use their experience, knowledge and communication skills to bring about an affirmation of God’s desire to use businesses for the Kingdom’s compassion, wealth and influence.
Jessie Walker
Owner @ Jessie Walker Photography
I first thought that the Kingdom Business Course wasn’t for me … I’m just a little little photographer by myself ... but I decided to go ahead and do the course anyway.  Since doing the course, I have found that I have more confidence in myself, I’ve learnt plenty of business skills and how to run my business.

I’ve seen a HUGE increase, from 1-2 photography sessions month, to 3-4 sessions a week!  
There is more consistency and I have more confidence in my skills to run my business successfully.
Our team

Meet our team

Ps Mark and Darlene Zschech
Senior Pastors, HopeUC
Ps Mark and Darlene have a strong passion for the local church that exists to see the hope of Jesus Christ reside in every heart, across the Central Coast, Hunter Region and throughout the world.
Their desire is to see people living life out of the power that God intended for each and every one of us. 
They believe in, and strongly support, the equipping of the Saints in the Marketplace.
They believe that the Church should be a people of faith and worship, who put God at the centre of their lives and that His Word is dependable and true for living successfully everyday, in every relationship, and situation.
David Balestri
Head Trainer, COE
David Balestri is the Head Trainer at the HopeUC Centre of Excellence. David he is a successful and seasoned executive business coach and a congregational minister.
His career background is in the SME field having personally pioneered and operated over a dozen businesses for over 30 years. David also spent over a decade in corporate Australia employed as a high-level manager.
David has been mentoring and coaching CEOs and businesspeople for over a decade and is one of the key ministers championing the ministry of the saints in the marketplace.
Vanessa Dwyer
Administration & Student Coordinator, COE
Vanessa has over 20 years experience providing high level administration and personal assistance across a variety of industries, including large corporate firms and small not-for-profit organisations.

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