2022 Kingdom Influencers Retreat

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Retreat overview

The Kingdom Influencers Retreat was held on Central Coast in October 2022. 

Throughout the sessions we explore:

  • How to breakthrough self limiting beliefs that have held you back in your life, career and finances
  • How to require your thinking and come into alignment with the fullness of your God given potential
  • How to design a dynamic life success plan that is in sync with your God given purpose.

  • ... and much more!


So who is Simone Leslie?

Simone Leslie is a Master Neuro Strategist, speaker, author & blogger for Her Business, (formerly The Australian Business Women’s Network). 

Over the past two decades she has presented to millions through national television and live audiences. 

Her forte is rewiring core neural programs that dictate every result we make in life. 
From wealth creation, health, relationships, career and business success, Simone has worked with fortune 500 companies, top corporate executives, elite athletes, small business and everyday individuals internationally.

retreat feedback

"I had a 'snap point' during the session on fear. I realised during this session exactly what situation in my life was holding me back. David, I thank both yourself and Simone for providing the learning content for this to happen. This is first time that I have attended a retreat. I look forward to attending many more. Thank you again."
"LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait til next year! "
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