GUEST SPEAKER - Sarah reimann

Sarah is a seasoned financial strategist and a celebrated professional trainer, she brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive career in empowering businesses to achieve fiscal excellence and sustainable growth. 
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Retreat overview

The two day Mastermind was designed for anyone who is in business - owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, workplace managers and forward thinking people. 

This exclusive intensive is tailor-made for kingdom-minded entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders seeking to enhance their financial acumen and integrate kingdom ministry insights into their business operations.

Dive Deep with Expert-Led Sessions

Financial Mastery with Sarah Reimann:

  •  Navigating Cash Flow Management
  •  Implementing Financial Management Best Practices
  •  Designing and Executing Impactful Business Strategies

Kingdom Business Insights with David Balestri:

  •  Manifesting God's Kingdom Through Wealth Creation
  •  Exploring the Seven Spheres of Influence in Wealth
  •  Infusing Kingdom Values into Business Finances

David Balestri, is a Global Kingdom Business Executive Coach, who combines deep spiritual insight with practical business experience to help leaders align their financial pursuits with kingdom purpose and principles.

retreat feedback

"The combination of practical steps as well as the realisation of how our spiritual lives intertwined so well with our marketplace lives."
"I really enjoyed listening to Peter's story on wealth focus and David's 5 foundations"
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